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library The Japanese American National Library is a private and non-profit organization incorporated in the Sate of California. Since 1969, it has served the public as the only national Japanese American resource center that devotes its attention to collecting and preserving primary and secondary source material related to Japanese Americans. The library makes there materials available to the public, and it provides information and referral services.

JANL also serves to promote interest in and respect for diversity, particularly, that which is related to the Japanese American experience. It sponsors programs that are open to the public which address historical, philosophical, cultural, and current information about Japanese Americans. In addition, it publishes and disseminates materials that serve educational purposes. Its newsletter, for example, pinpoints historical and current research, as well as a range of content that relates to Japaense Americans.

Also significant is the Library's archival collection. It serves as a depository for archival documents relevant to Japanese Americans. Its largest archival collection is the material received from the Japanese American Citizens League- Legislative Education Committee (JACL-LEC), an organization established to promote redress legislation that ultimately became law. This collection, as well as books, magazines, newsletters, journals, newspapers, ephemera, and other materials, make its Japanese American holdings one of the richest in the United States.

In addition, the Library maintains a subject database, and it serves as a clearinghouse for information about Japanese Americans. Its information and referral service is available to the general public Monday though Friday, every week.
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