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“The Japanese American National Library (JANL) is available as a national resource to all persons, organizations, communities, institutions and governments. Its central purpose is the acquisition, collection, preservation, dissemination, and publication of information related to persons of Japanese ancestry. JANL responds to reference questions and requests for information about Japanese Americans. It also refers patrons to information sources beyond those held at the JANL.

“JANL retains and fosters its deep roots within the Japanese, Asian, and Pacific American national communities. It promotes collaboration, active participation, and support coalitions/networks with other Japanese, Asian, and Pacific Islander community groups, civil rights, and social justice organizations.”

“The Japanese American Library is an ethnic community library. Collecting and preserving books and documents have been traditional roles of libraries. But the “Information Age” has necessitated an additional dimension by requiring information on demand. Our ethnic library differs from traditional ones in that this active dissemination of information is incorporated in our programs. The ethnic community requires information and data on diverse subjects such as history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, literature and art. The Library is designed to meet these needs of the larger Japanese American community.”

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· Establish a library/resource center to preserve the Japanese American cultural heritage
· Promote interest in the Japanese American heritage
· Provide for the informational needs of the Japanese American community
· Provide a communication link between the Japanese American community and the general public

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